“Wealth is not easily earned, and it must be invested accordingly.”

We understand that investors have different objectives at different stages of their lives. Our holistic strategies are designed to help you achieve your specific financial goals, whether they include capital preservation, growth, income, or access to uncorrelated investments.

We incorporate an overall financial picture of the client, reflecting the ownership of private businesses, concentrated stock holdings, real assets, and liquidity needs.  We understand that investment management is a key element of the broader family well-being, but not the only one.  As such we are often involved in family strategies and decision-making relating to estate planning, wealth transfers, philanthropy, life insurance, and tax planning.

We also accept stand-alone mandates to source or manage specific asset classes and/or strategies. Contact us to further discuss your specific requirements.


    Holistic Solutions
    Investment Management

Financial Picture

Investment portfolio / concentrated holdings

Ownership of private businesses

Liquidity needs & budgeting

Real estate / other assets

Family Strategies

Estate and tax planning

Wealth transfer


Life insurance

Custom Multi-Asset Class Portfolios

  • We build diversified global portfolios covering multiple asset classes and geographies, customized for each client’s needs.
  • We may utilize a diversified set of asset classes or a more focused approach depending on what is appropriate for the individual client.
  • Investment strategies for each client will have a mix of the following objectives: capital preservation, growth and income, and uncorrelated/less correlated to broad markets.

CoastEdge Fund Vehicles

  • We manage unregistered funds that provide diversified investment strategies for qualified investors.
  • These include commingled investment pools as well as vehicles that aggregate client assets and provide access to specific private investments.
  • Through the funds, CoastEdge seeks to achieve several important benefits for clients, including: diversification, access to top-tier investment managers, streamlined operations, and consolidated performance, financial and tax reporting.